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5 steps to stop spinning the wheel and boost your productivity.

By: Dana Poul-Graf, Founder & Strategic Thought Partner, Key&Spark

Did you catch yourself dropping your daily micro-breaks lately? Have you skipped lunch, canceled an appointment, or bailed out of a coffee with a friend last week? Or, perhaps, have you gotten back to working at night?

If so, you are not alone.

New ways of working - AI or hybrid office caused - economic crisis and instability of world state, push us to paddle faster, do more,  work harder, create and protect our financials safety cushions.

The potential cost of retaining such speed is a loss of everything we are trying to safeguard. Our performance, health, and relationships will inevitably fail unless we have the tools, practices, and mental fitness training to prevent us from slipping into this trap without even noticing.

‘When everything is spinning fast, stand still,’
was the advice I got long time ago.

I still draw from its wisdom. Over time, I've developed 5 simple steps to stop spinning the wheel and boost my productivity. They are science-based and experienced proven, and you can apply them immediately when you catch the first signs of getting stressed.

1.Physically step away from your place of work to gain perspective
2.Do something requiring a manual focus 
3.Breathe - it's the easiest way to calm your central nervous system
4.Connect with nature in any way possible - walk out, step on the grass, look through an opened window
5.Ready? Let's go through a Radical Prioritization exercise

For the rest of the day, intentionally keep a slowed-down mode - in thought and action.

Here comes the toughest part:
I challenge you to do this step-by-step when you catch the first slightest sign of the urge to spin faster.

Let me know how this goes!
Need help with implementation? Get in touch.