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Leading Across Cultures: It's Not "Either/Or," It's "Both/And" (#leadership #culture #globalbusiness)

By: Dana Poul-Graf, Founder & Strategic Thought Partner, Key&Spark

In today's interconnected world, effective leadership hinges on our ability to navigate diverse cultures. Research by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) tells us a whopping 70% of CEOs  consider cultural intelligence a critical success factor.

But here's the thing: cultural sensitivity doesn't mean sacrificing your core values. It's about adaptability, not assimilation.

Think about it: a Harvard Business Review study found companies with culturally diverse leadership teams achieved 19% higher revenue. That's significant!

The key is understanding different communication styles, decision-making processes, and even workplace etiquette. The good news? Cultural sensitivity is a learnable skill.

By surrounding yourself with diverse teams and actively seeking out new perspectives, you can bridge the gap between adaptability and integrity.

Effective leadership isn't about compromising your values; it's about expressing them in ways that resonate with a global audience.

What are your thoughts on leading across cultures? Share your experiences in the comments!

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