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Meet Zsofi

This is Zsofi, the newest awesome addition to our team. As we are getting to know her, we decided to give her a few questions. Curious what she has said? Read along.


1. What professional advice would you give your younger self?

Have no self-doubt, and never stop to self-educate!

Zsofi on our team meet-up transforming to an angel.


2. What thrills you about the work you do? What sparks your energy?

I love that there is measurable/notifiable improvement at the end of an assignment, whether it's a personal coaching series, process re-organization, or a project. Along the way, the AHA moments of clients and myself spark my energy.

A recent example is when I organized a PMO re-organization at a client's IT department. The reason for the re-organization initiative was that a significant portion of the clients' projects were not delivered on time and general morale within the Project Management team was below acceptable. 

While performing the discovery, together with the client, we came to two conclusions:

  1. The team did not execute the processes well enough for successful delivery 
  2.  Roles and responsibilities were not well defined! 

AHA! People didn't know what was expected from them and what they were responsible and accountable for.

Clarifying the Roles and Responsibilities (R&R) matrix enabled the team's processes to be rebuilt on solid grounds, the morale instantly improved, and client reporting improved delivery results.


3. What is unique about your work with clients?

 I value and build on human connection.

Genuinely connecting with clients and instantly finding common ground enables trust. Trust between client and consultant builds the working relationship on safe grounds, having open and honest conversations and tackling complex topics more effectively. The benefits for both parties are the psychological safety we strive for and more effective cooperation throughout the assignment.


Do you have questions you’d like to ask Zsofi? Write her on