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Level Up Your Business: Unleash the Power of the Product Operating Model

By: Clara Vincenc-Cismaru, Product Management Consultant & Strategic Thought Partner, Key&Spark

Feeling stuck in project limbo? Your company isn't alone. Many businesses struggle with fragmented efforts that don't deliver real value.

Enter the product operating model (POM) - a game-changer for the software-driven era. This framework flips the script, shifting focus from one-off projects to continuous delivery and customer obsession. Imagine building a product your customers rave about, not just launching features that gather dust.

The impact? Studies show the POM can unlock:

60% higher returns to shareholders
16% higher operating margins
❤ 38% higher customer engagement
37% higher brand awareness
(Source: McKinsey & Company)

But who can benefit? Everyone! Whether you're a software company or your product is a killer marketing campaign, the POM helps you align your teams and strategies for ultimate success.

Like Marty Cagan says, it's not just for digital products – it's about a holistic approach to all your offerings.

Curious to learn more? Swipe through our carousel (➡) to discover the 3 key ingredients for a thriving POM.

Have questions? Let’s hear them in the comments! We're here to help your business thrive in this dynamic market.