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Products are vehicle of value for customers and business.

By: Clara Vincenc-Cismaru, Product Management Consultant & Strategic Thought Partner, Key&Spark

A great salesman can sell anything.

While this can be true sometimes, a healthy business needs good products or services.


Product is a vehicle of value.

A product generates value for customers by solving their problems, desires, needs.

In exchange, that generates value for the business.

For a business to be successful, the value generated needs to be generated repeatedly.


Product-led organizations optimize their products to deliver value.

There is an iterative process of:

- Discovery of the customers problems, desires, needs, the right problem to solve and the definition of the solution

- Delivery of the solution

- Measure of the value delivered and adjustment


This approach can lead to significant benefits for companies that effectively implement it.

- Lower customer acquisition costs (CAC)

- Shorter sales cycles

- Faster scaling

- Improved customer retention

- High customer lifetime value (CLTV)

- Alignment across functions


Here are few questions to reflect upon:

- Does your product meet a significant market need that customers are willing to pay for?

- Can users quickly realize significant value from your product?

- What can you do to deliver results faster?

- Are you data-driven in making decisions?

- Is your entire company aligned toward optimizing the product?


Need help answering these questions?

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