Welcome to our Key&Spark pages!


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Welcome from Dana.

Welcome to our Key&Spark pages!

Over the past two years, I gave myself time to explore the work I love with colleagues and clients who are a joy to engage with. We created strong connections, and my team and I had the privilege of supporting exceptional leaders like yourself as strategic thought partners.

These times of turbulence and intense changes challenged us to find the spark you need—the spark we all need. I’m reassured to see that it’s possible – with focus and commitment – to create thriving environments both for businesses and people, no matter the circumstance. 

So, thank you, our clients, for your trust and partnership! 

Your honest exploration of what’s possible when you create a safe space for yourself and others, when you experiment, and when you put your trust in others also triggered a spark in me. 

And now the quest continues.

After much reflection, considering global and corporate trends, and most of all, your needs and feedback, I’m happy to announce the launch of our web for Key&Spark s.r.o.

Every light matters: We all have to shine in spite of the darkness.  As leaders, professionals and human beings, we have all been in situations where we have felt misplaced, concerned, or even scared. 

With the current global and political climate fueling uncertainty for our future, we focus on clarity, effectiveness, and vision. Now more than ever, we invite you to reflect and find your inner strength to create environments based on the right values. 

This blog will be a place where we bring different perspectives and inspiration directly from working with you – our clients. We will explore strategies, tactics, and tips from our practical experience. Feel free to co-create with us by commenting on our content and sharing your perspective. Collective wisdom and a good discussion are what drive us.

We can’t wait to spark the fire of positive change together with you!
Let’s shine together.`

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