Key&Spark is a boutique company founded by Dana Poul-Graf, former Head of Global Communications at Deutsche Post DHL IT Services. We’re a group of passionate professionals fueled by empathy and creativity, helping leaders like you reclaim your inner leadership spark and ignite your environment to achieve higher performance.

We’re your strategic thought partner. We open the door to genuine dialogue and new perspectives through radical honesty. By integrating deeply into your setting and applying strategic thinking and a purpose-driven focus, we help you create an authentic leadership strategy that respects the uniqueness of your personality and situation. We empower you to confidently decide, act, and create the sustainable, thriving life and workplace you want.

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Dana Poul-Graf


Dana is a cross-disciplinary consultant, mentor, and coach who helps leaders discover their authentic paths, engage their teams, establish great cultures, and live their strategies.

Throughout her career, which spans industries and companies of various sizes, Dana observed the essential impact of a leader’s self-awareness. Quickly promoted into increasingly responsible roles, she realized that the quality of an organization’s leadership is its key success factor—no matter how excellent the strategy, how well-defined the solutions, or how valuable the services. She also realized that many leaders might feel as she did: Isolated and missing a partner to act as a mirror, help her think, and implement the results of the process.

Guided by empathy, creativity, and a deep honoring of others, she partners with clients to find the meaning in what we, as humans, do. Dana and her team look below the surface to re-ignite the passion that connects teams and triggers positive change. When you work with Dana, engagement and productivity increase, and sustainable environments form. Dana’s key values are honesty, fairness, love, and care.

Strategic Thought Partner - Andrew Formanek
Andrew Formanek
Strategic Thought Partner
With more than two decades of experience in the IT industry experience, Andy leans on his corporate communications and management backgrounds to add value to complex change and transformation programs, communications projects, and service delivery initiatives.

Our clients appreciate Andy’s structured, pragmatic approach, which leads to tailored, comprehensive solutions. Whether serving as project manager, communications consultant, or delivery lead, Andy focuses on bringing out the best in teams and organizations. 

We’re lucky to have Andy on board as a senior consultant and thought partner. We—and our clients!—value his integrity, commitment to quality, and focus on building strong relationships. 
Strategic Thought Partner, Product Management Consultant - Clara Vincenc-Cismaru
Clara Vincenc-Cismaru
Strategic Thought Partner, Product Management Consultant

Clara is a product advisor, mentor, business and wellbeing coach who helps product leaders and founders achieve growth for themselves, their people and their companies without sacrificing their wellbeing. 

In her over 15 years of rich experience in product management, leadership, and public speaking, she helped turn challenging products into market successes, drove revenue growth, and played a key role in company acquisitions, all while learning valuable lessons from both successes and setbacks. Her method is integrative, combining her deep knowledge of product management with her skills in business and holistic body coaching. Clara is dedicated to addressing the often-overlooked needs of product leaders, providing them with the guidance and tools necessary for success. Her philosophy centers around people, guided by values of love, service, and authenticity. She believes in empowering teams through understanding and genuine engagement, leading to the creation of impactful and successful products.

When you work with Clara, you can expect a focus on enhancing leadership skills, refining product strategies, and boosting team performance, all grounded in practical wisdom and a straightforward, authentic approach. 

Strategic Thought Partner - Elke Preuß
Elke Preuß
Strategic Thought Partner
Elke, with over two decades of experience in leadership and coaching, excels in guiding individuals and organizations to extraordinary achievements. She empowers leaders and teams to embrace and grow in the ever-changing world, focusing on sustainable changes, enhanced performance, and improved team dynamics. Her approach, rooted in courage, authenticity, and ease, drives lasting improvements and profound transformations.

Elke's method, emphasizing appreciative communication and inner peace, advocates for 'Leadership as a Lifestyle.' In collaboration with clients, she unlocks success through curiosity and courage. 

Ready for transformative growth? Embark on the journey with Elke and her omnipresent smile.

Strategic Thought Partner - Frida Roberts
Frida Roberts
Strategic Thought Partner
Frida is a senior advisor, coach, facilitator, and keynote speaker dedicated to driving sustainable growth by blending her business expertise with a focus on human flourishing.
Her holistic approach integrates 25+ years of experience in leadership, business development, and marketing with the Science of Human Potential. Frida is committed to creating inclusive, people-centric cultures and empowering leaders and teams with new essential skills for successfully navigating rapid change. 
Passionate about areas such as creativity, flow science, EQ, consciousness, and psychological safety, she believes these are all catalysts for exceptional performance and well-being in organizations.
Frida’s mission is to humanize business by democratizing science-based tools for human flourishing, contributing to both thriving organizations and individuals. 
Strategic Thought Partner - Johanna Brooks
Johanna Brooks
Strategic Thought Partner
Johanna Brooks is not just an empowerment coach and self-mastery mentor; she's a transformative force in personal and organizational success. Her passion and expertise reside in boosting wellbeing & vitality to elevate individual and organizational potential and performance. 

With a rich background spanning over twenty years in mind-body connection, somatics, and transformative practices including breathwork, positive intelligence (PQ), hypnosis, and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Johanna is a master at facilitating empowering and safe environments that form strong foundations for sustainable business success." 

If you seek a powerful and distinctive approach that synergizes self-mastery for leadership & wellbeing with business acumen, Johanna is your guide to cultivating your individual and organizational potential. 
Strategic Thought Partner, AI Marketing Consultant - MIKE FUHRMANN
Strategic Thought Partner, AI Marketing Consultant
Mike Fuhrmann is a visionary brand marketer and certified business coach, renowned for his unique ability to infuse heart and soul into the brands he works with. Born in 1976, Mike has accumulated over 20 years of experience in marketing, with a decade spent in C-Level positions within corporate environments. His expertise is further enhanced by his roles in three advisory boards.

Mike's journey in marketing is distinguished by his passion for filmmaking and storytelling, skills he has expertly leveraged to forge compelling connections for brands across diverse industries such as finance, telecommunications, chemistry, and medical technology. His academic background in Tourism has imbued him with a deep understanding of customer centricity, guiding his approach in making customers feel valued and gaining their trust.

What sets Mike apart is his in-depth knowledge of AI developments, coupled with his role as a keynote speaker focusing on the integration of AI in marketing and communication strategies. This expertise enables him to help marketing departments significantly boost their productivity using AI tools.

Possessing the rare ability to blend empathy with technological insight, Mike excels at building strong, enduring relationships. His approach is not just about connecting brands with their customers; it's about creating a resonant, authentic experience that aligns with the core values and spirit of the customer base. This unique blend of skills and experience makes Mike an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to deepen its brand engagement and foster meaningful customer relationships.
Strategic Thought Partner - PETER POUL-GRAF
Strategic Thought Partner

Pete brings over 20 years of IT leadership experience, blending technology expertise with a keen understanding of cultural dynamics to drive transformative change in organizations. He is a mentor at heart, finding his purpose in helping people and companies achieve their goals through a holistic approach that integrates technology, culture, and customer-centricity.

His passion for leadership and empowering others is the cornerstone of his success. Pete’s leadership style is about engaging, listening, and adapting to meet the evolving needs of organizations. He navigates the complexities of today's ever-changing business landscape, delivering results that rekindle organizational passion and drive sustainable service delivery.

If your organization feels disconnected and needs a transformation, Pete is the partner you need.

Accounting, Finances and Back Office Manager - Nikola Baitlová
Nikola Baitlová
Accounting, Finances and Back Office Manager
Key&Spark couldn’t function without Niky’s love and thoughtful tending to the accounting, finances and administrative details that make our business go.

Niky holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management from the University College Prague. Beyond her financial expertise, she brings a wealth of creativity and aesthetic sensibility, which she applies to managing our company’s social networks and website. 

Her commitment to continuous growth and adaptability makes her a valuable asset, always ready to tackle new challenges and contribute to the success.











our satisfied clients

Pavla Engel

Leader in Sales and Marketing at Expats.cz

“Honestly, I haven't spent much time thinking about my personal brand before or how to nurture it. But after this class, I realize the importance of asking myself some important questions: How do I want others to perceive me? What is important to me and my business? What is my personal story that I want to relate?  Thank you, key&spark s.r.o., for asking these thought-provoking questions and giving me much food for thought...  I highly recommend Dana Poul-Graf and Nina Weisslechner to everyone looking for ways to improve their personal image, business brand and guidance around these topics? They are TOP.”

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Martin Howlings

“I’m relatively new to personal branding. I’ve been behind the computer screen for many many years and I step forward and I started to brand myself quite recently. I didn’t fully understand that I had an opportunity to push my own personality in quite the way that I thought I could. One of the things that I will think about in the future is when I’m making posts to LinkedIn or when I’m presenting I’ll make sure that those things are as close to my personal commitments as possible. I think it’s very powerful knowledge. It’s very important to make sure I stay authentic.”

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“Before this Masterclass, my perception of personal branding was that it’s something relatively new. I was hoping to discover how to move forward in communicating my own personal brand with confidence, and in an authentic and believable way. Nina and Dana gave a captivating presentation packed full of insights and actionable tips. There were also helpful question and answer sheets to guide attendees in defining their own personal branding journey. I’ve now started implementing the learnings and have every intention of continuing to do so. My thanks to Nina and Dana.”

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Eva Wolf

“If you are looking for a business or life coach, I can most highly recommend Dana Poul-Graf. Dana consistently met me right where I was, and her exceptional talent lies in her ability to ask precisely the right questions that led me to explore deeper layers of my thoughts and bring them to the point of clarity. She helped me untangle my business and personal structure, find clarity around deep wounds, and tap into my life purpose.”

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Jitka Čechová

“Dana had an extraordinary ability to perceive me and my needs in one session, offering specific solutions while showing the patience and sensitivity that helped me find my path, take action, achieve results, and, most importantly, get to know myself better.”

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Fabiana Christina Fernando

“Thank you Dana Poul-Graf and key&spark s.r.o. for this leadership program, which was full of learnings, experience sharing and joy. A great opportunity to expand your network, practice the learnigns, and gain confidence.”

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Sergio Serrano

“Thanks Dana Poul-Graf and all the participants for this great experience. A lot of learnings to reflect about and to put into practice!”

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Jana Šimeková

“This was such a valuable experience with so much practical information that I would honestly recommend it to anyone who leads a team, needs to be ready for online presence and is willing to learn. The ability to practice what we learned in such an open-minded community of people who were able to give honest feedback was demanding yet so helpful. Thank you Dana Poul-Graf and her team for all the energy you put into this.”

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Lina Greenberg

“Thank you Dana Poul-Graf for this learning opportunity and being part of such great group of inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs!”

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Nina Weisslechner

“It was an honor to be part of this fantastic crew. We have all gained so much valuable knowledge in these past two months. Thank you Dana Poul-Graf and key&spark s.r.o.!”

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Emma Copland

“It has been a delight having Andy Formanek from the Key&Spark team with us for these few months. His skills and attitude have been so much relief for me.”

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“With the support of Dana and Key&Spark, our team has transformed from the sum of its individuals into a solid unit held together by trust, leadership, and collaboration.”

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Dr. Kanupriya Manchanda

“Thank you, Dana, and the Key&Spark team for organizing and an amazing two-day workshop for all of us. What stood out is how you amalgamated all the modes for training, group discussion, mentoring, coaching, peer hand-holding, and self-reflection into a single program. The style of keeping the audiences engaged with slido and quizzes kept everyone engaged till the end […]”

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“The executive training and coaching program with Key and Spark helped me and my colleagues understand the shift necessary to stay impactful in this new era. It was a well-conducted and well-delivered interactive dynamic experience that inspired me.”

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“Dana is extremely kind, supportive, solutions-oriented, and non-judgmental. Her approach is simple, effective, and not at all overwhelming like other approaches I tried. I am very satisfied and at peace now, because I know that change is possible with the right kind of support.”

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“The Key& Spark program helped the team to think “outside of the box”. Dana shared her insights from a lot of experience, and her emaculate way of asking questions brings the best of individuals in her sessions ...”

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“Working with Dana, I moved from an Ok job to my dream job, full of fulfillment and meaning, positioned where I always wanted to be. I know my career is in my own hands. With endless opportunities, I am now the master of my life. The sky is my limit!”

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“Working with Dana, I obtained a deeper understanding of my strengths, areas of development, and my values. As a result, I am more self-confident.”

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“Dana has extensive experience in communications and strategy development. She has been really useful as a mentor and advisor to teams, especially where there was a gap in leadership.”

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“I wouldn’t manage to be successful without Dana’s help during these times of extremely high pressure at work. I and my team achieved all our goals and this was acknowledged by our customers.”

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IT Services

“I really appreciated how Dana managed to challenge me and lead me to discover new insights or how she would introduce a new technique or methodology to help me with that journey.”

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