Key&Spark is a boutique company founded by Dana Poul-Graf, former Head of Global Communications at Deutsche Post DHL IT Services. We’re a group of passionate professionals fueled by empathy and creativity, helping leaders like you reclaim your inner leadership spark and ignite your environment to achieve higher performance.

We’re your strategic thought partner. We open the door to genuine dialogue and new perspectives through radical honesty. By integrating deeply into your setting and applying strategic thinking and a purpose-driven focus, we help you create an authentic leadership strategy that respects the uniqueness of your personality and situation. We empower you to confidently decide, act, and create the sustainable, thriving life and workplace you want.

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Dana Poul-Graf


Dana is a cross-disciplinary consultant, mentor, and coach who helps leaders discover their authentic paths, engage their teams, establish great cultures, and live their strategies.

Throughout her career, which spans industries and companies of various sizes, Dana observed the essential impact of a leader’s self-awareness. Quickly promoted into increasingly responsible roles, she realized that the quality of an organization’s leadership is its key success factor—no matter how excellent the strategy, how well-defined the solutions, or how valuable the services. She also realized that many leaders might feel as she did: Isolated and missing a partner to act as a mirror, help her think, and implement the results of the process.

Guided by empathy, creativity, and a deep honoring of others, she partners with clients to find the meaning in what we, as humans, do. Dana and her team look below the surface to re-ignite the passion that connects teams and triggers positive change. When you work with Dana, engagement and productivity increase, and sustainable environments form. Dana’s key values are honesty, fairness, love, and care.

Strategic Thought Partner - Andrew Formanek
Andrew Formanek
Strategic Thought Partner
With more than two decades of experience in the IT industry experience, Andy leans on his corporate communications and management backgrounds to add value to complex change and transformation programs, communications projects, and service delivery initiatives.

Our clients appreciate Andy’s structured, pragmatic approach, which leads to tailored, comprehensive solutions. Whether serving as project manager, communications consultant, or delivery lead, Andy focuses on bringing out the best in teams and organizations. 

We’re lucky to have Andy on board as a senior consultant and thought partner. We—and our clients!—value his integrity, commitment to quality, and focus on building strong relationships. 
Assisting Thought Partner - Nikola Baitlová
Nikola Baitlová
Assisting Thought Partner
Key&Spark couldn’t function without Niky’s love and thoughtful tending to the administrative and organizational details that make our business go.

While keeping us together, she is also a student of accounting and financial management at the University of Economics. In her private time, Niky enjoys projects that give her an outlet for her creativity. She likes to travel, practice yoga and cook meals from all corners of the world. Niky's favorite quote comes from Mahatma Gandhi: "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”











our satisfied clients

Fabiana Christina Fernando

“Thank you Dana Poul-Graf and key&spark s.r.o. for this leadership program, which was full of learnings, experience sharing and joy. A great opportunity to expand your network, practice the learnigns, and gain confidence.”

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Sergio Serrano

“Thanks Dana Poul-Graf and all the participants for this great experience. A lot of learnings to reflect about and to put into practice!”

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Jana Šimeková

“This was such a valuable experience with so much practical information that I would honestly recommend it to anyone who leads a team, needs to be ready for online presence and is willing to learn. The ability to practice what we learned in such an open-minded community of people who were able to give honest feedback was demanding yet so helpful. Thank you Dana Poul-Graf and her team for all the energy you put into this.”

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Lina Greenberg

“Thank you Dana Poul-Graf for this learning opportunity and being part of such great group of inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs!”

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Nina Weisslechner

“It was an honor to be part of this fantastic crew. We have all gained so much valuable knowledge in these past two months. Thank you Dana Poul-Graf and key&spark s.r.o.!”

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Emma Copland

“It has been a delight having Andy Formanek from the Key&Spark team with us for these few months. His skills and attitude have been so much relief for me.”

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“With the support of Dana and Key&Spark, our team has transformed from the sum of its individuals into a solid unit held together by trust, leadership, and collaboration.”

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Dr. Kanupriya Manchanda

“Thank you, Dana, and the Key&Spark team for organizing and an amazing two-day workshop for all of us. What stood out is how you amalgamated all the modes for training, group discussion, mentoring, coaching, peer hand-holding, and self-reflection into a single program. The style of keeping the audiences engaged with slido and quizzes kept everyone engaged till the end […]”

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“The executive training and coaching program with Key and Spark helped me and my colleagues understand the shift necessary to stay impactful in this new era. It was a well-conducted and well-delivered interactive dynamic experience that inspired me.”

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“Dana is extremely kind, supportive, solutions-oriented, and non-judgmental. Her approach is simple, effective, and not at all overwhelming like other approaches I tried. I am very satisfied and at peace now, because I know that change is possible with the right kind of support.”

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“The Key& Spark program helped the team to think “outside of the box”. Dana shared her insights from a lot of experience, and her emaculate way of asking questions brings the best of individuals in her sessions ...”

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“Working with Dana, I moved from an Ok job to my dream job, full of fulfillment and meaning, positioned where I always wanted to be. I know my career is in my own hands. With endless opportunities, I am now the master of my life. The sky is my limit!”

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“Working with Dana, I obtained a deeper understanding of my strengths, areas of development, and my values. As a result, I am more self-confident.”

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“Dana has extensive experience in communications and strategy development. She has been really useful as a mentor and advisor to teams, especially where there was a gap in leadership.”

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“I wouldn’t manage to be successful without Dana’s help during these times of extremely high pressure at work. I and my team achieved all our goals and this was acknowledged by our customers.”

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IT Services

“I really appreciated how Dana managed to challenge me and lead me to discover new insights or how she would introduce a new technique or methodology to help me with that journey.”

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