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Our Personal Branding Masterclass

By: Dana Poul-Graf, Founder & Strategic Thought Partner, Key&Spark

Do you think that personal branding is just a marketing buzzword❓
Do you feel it is irrelevant, as you are in stable employment❓
Or do you think personal branding is about faking something you are not❓

These were some of the thoughts our Personal Branding Masterclass attendees initially had when we partnered with - Czech News in English.

What were their insights? 
The common theme in their feedback was a significant shift in perception. They went from viewing personal branding as an empty buzzword to understanding its importance.

Personal branding isn't about being fake; it's about consciously managing your brand. If you don't, someone else might define it for you, and the results may not align with your style, desires, and goals.

We're grateful for our partnership with and energized knowing that our Personal Branding Masterclass provided value. Just as Martin Howlings stated, shaping your brand is an opportunity.

How? Connect with us to learn more and shape your brand consciously!